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School profile

Alexander Dubček Primary School in Martin

Alexander Dubček Primary School in Martin

The address of the school: Budovateľov Street 9, Martin 036 01

Telephone no. :  043/423 010 9

E-mail contact address: opotasova@gmail.com



School profile:  The Primary school in Budovateľov Str. is a state school which was

Founded in 1967. The school is attended by chilren aged from 6 to 15  in 9 grades.

Education is free of charge and compulsory. In 2001 The Ministry of Education awarded our school with a title of honour and since then the school has been named Alexander Dubček Primary School.

The school participates in the Intelectually-talented young learners project. There are 4 classes with specialized educational curriculum and numerous additional activities. Children develope their abilities and skills.


languages:        Since 1983 the school has specialized in teaching languages, primarily

                          English and German.

According to their abilities the pupils in the 3rd grade are allowed to choose English and German as an extra subject. In their 5th grade all the pupils decide for one of the optional foreign languages.

Intelectually-talented pupils study English language from the 1st grade and they have an excellent opportunity to develope and improve their language skills and language awareness.

Projects:           In 1994

The school joined the project Schools Supporting Wellness and support healthy lifestyle awareness of all pupils.

In 1997

The school joined the project Step by step which improved students’ educational abilities. 

In 2006

Pupils of the 5th grade participated in a literature project Scools for the future iniciated by a mobile phone operator in the conntry.

Partnerships:               In the year 2000 we started international cultural cooperation with

schools in Germany /Gotha/  and Sweeden /Munhedal/ within the Socrates programme. Our school focuses on Environmental protection (such as The Day of the Earth project) and culture of our region.

Students have an opportunity to compare and exchange their knowledge and research results.

Sports:                          Students regularly take part in various sports events such as football,

Basketball and volleyball matches. Pupils of our school have been awarded....





  • Základná škola Alexandra Dubčeka, Ul. budovateľov 9, 036 01 Martin
    Ul. budovateľov 9, 036 01 MARTIN
  • 043/4230109 - tajomníčka školy - Eva Bartková
    043/4239104 - vedúca školskej jedálne - Helena Firáková
    043/4230109 - číslo faxu
    0911 951 144 - mobilné číslo na školu